Commercial Properties

We have experience managing a variety of different types of commercial property. For managing commercial spaces we keep meticulous administrative and financial records, and keep all applicable maintenance, taxes and insurance updated as requested. We ensure rent is collected, and respond to tenant needs and issues quickly. We also provide regular reports (ie. occupancy, rent roll, and budget) to the property owner, providing regular updates on how the investment is faring.

Apartments / Multi-Family

For any apartment or duplex buildings we manage, we handle all of the day-to-day operations of the property, whether big or small. While the responsibilities will vary based on the specific needs of the complex’s owners and the agreed upon employment terms with our company, our duties can include but are not limited to the following: leasing duties, collections, notices, advertising, tenant management, maintenance, lawn care, budgets, reports, and legal issues. 


We handle all steps of the marketing and leasing process of a vacancy, as well as the general duties to ensure the property is well maintained. Services include analyzing the area, setting rental rates and showing the property to potential tenants, qualifying their applications and negotiating the lease period and terms. We will take care of all of the necessary steps to tenanting the property.